moon Display

Category: Typeface Design, Packaging, Publication

moon Display is the result of an extensive investigation into display serif and italics typeface with playful and quirky details. Its curvaceous italicized axis is the star of this typeface, the chunky stroke provides a stable ground and complements the thin contrast along the curves. Through intensive experimentation in finding the balance between the counter and the stroke, the moon has finally landed.

Drawing moon is an experimental zine as part of moon Display type specimen package as the celebration the landing of moon Display. The name moon was inspired by its curvacious italicized axis on the counter of this display typeface. On the packazine itself is a documentation of my daily process in designing Acrylic stencil. Drawing moon is Radi’s daily practice and a perfect marriage of her love of graphic design, typography, printed materials and 3D Object.

In this package includes :
  1. moon Display specimen
  2. Drawing moon stencil
  3. moon on Display
  4. Drawing moon packaging-zine (packazine)